About The Mansion
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The Mansion

The Mansion represents a vast home. With our high-end assisted-living facilities, we aim to recreate the feeling of a sprawling mansion. Our community spaces are designed to engage the residents, their families and the communities around them. We currently have 4 premium homes across Petaling Jaya; 3 in Jalan Gasing (with a dedicated Dementia home) and our latest 28-bedder in Section 14. Our homes are all designed by an award-winning retirement village architect and the lawns are carefully designed and manicured to create the best living environment.


We provide 24-hour permanent and respite care (post-hospitalisation) managed by nurses and caregivers in fully-furnished individual suites, offering the highest standard of care in a safe and comfortable environment.

Care Concierge

Guided by years of expertise, and supported by technology, Care Concierge prides itself in providing a wide range of quality senior living care solutions. From health screening, to recovery, to aging-in-place, we are here to assist you with all your care needs.


Our Senior Care Specialists, a group of nurses, therapists and caregivers, also provide specialised care for conditions that require medical procedures and therapies. Such as post-hospitalisation recovery, Dementia Care, Stroke Care, Cancer Care, and Palliative Care.